The Schedule

From the end of our campaign December 15.

Santa’s coming so there will be a little delay in the beginning.

February 1: Australia’s back from Family time and BBQ’s

Finalize Cad drawing’s

Complete negotiations with component suppliers.

Commission Cool Cart ,manufacturing from OS supplier.


Plant and assembly systems, layout, infrastructure and

logistics planning to begin to determine facility requirements.

Commission Injection Moulds.

Commission Cooler supplier to manufacture moulds and start production?

Production of internal systems to begin,COOLIT Can dispenser’s, shelf, COOLIT bottle rack.

Order electrical components from local and imported suppliers.



Procure Factory.

Begin Plant production line set up.


Approve Cooler sample and start production.

First batch of injection moulded parts and internal systems ready.


Operations finalized

Assembly line commissioned

November/ December

Receive First Coolers ready for assembly.


The first shipments of MRCOOLIT begin.