The Project

We have dedicated a great deal of time and knowledge to put in place the necessary procedures to minimise the risks and unforeseen challenges of project like MRCOOLIT

Our Price and time lines are based on years of experience and development, fine tuning and strategy.

This is not to say we will simply just put this together, but if we can get a home ground advantage this sure will give us the edge.

In a lot of ways this is a complex project and in other ways it has come together beautifully giving us the confidence in our design, product and the way we will deliver MRCOOLIT to the awesome Indiegogo community and beyond.


Fine Tuning and adjustments.

In general there will be a few adjustments that will pop up on the way through and we have put the right team together to handle these moments swiftly, we don’t see problems only challenges and fortunately we have Ironed out most of the chink’s before we begin.

We have allocated the time you could say in testing and the results are impressive MRCOOLIT has had quite few Cans and Wine bottles through the system and it passes the Aussie BBQ test …No Worries Mate…you will be happy!

Your pledge of any amount will help bring our project to becoming a reality and reaching our goals and passion for bringing MRCOOLIT to the market place and the bonus of making your outdoor experience’s awesome for many days and all without having to go and get the ice. Did I mention every day; someone has to go and get it..