Q. How do I order my MRCOOLIT.

A. You can order directly through our campaign.

Q .How does it work?

A. The Cans are gravity and weight system they simply roll into position.

Q. What are the Can dispense frames made of?

A. A 5mm wire frame with a baked on white powder coat finish.

Q. How are the Can dispensers fixed in position?

A. A stainless steel fixings holds the back in position and the front locks into the door housing frame.

Q. Why doesn’t it jam up with ice?

A. There is a plastic mesh casing allowing ice water and icicles’ to pass through.

Q. What happens if Can gets dislodged?

A. In the Dispenser frame there is a trap door on top you open and re- adjust the can.

Q. Are the doors insulated?

A. Yes, we use a silicone insulation.

Q. Does it hold water?

A. No, the doors are like your fridge at home it is a tight seal ?

Q. What are the dimensions and weight?


Q. Are the Console, Can dispenser Doors and cap seal for the bottle rack made of metal?

A. No they are clear polycarbonate with a metalized coating on the internal face of the part.

Q. How do I get the Perk?

A. Order you MRCOOLIT during the Campaign.

Q. How long does the battery last?

A. The L.E.D will last for 10+ Hrs on a Full charge.

Q. Does the battery solar charge?

A. Yes depending on the UV light will depend on how quickly it will charge.

Q. Will I be able to use MRCOOLIT in the U.S.A/UK or EU

A. Yes the battery will be supplied to voltage required for that country.

Q. How long does the speaker last before re charging?

A. Approximately 3 HRS don’t forget you can always keep it charged off the lithium battery.

Q. What is the L.E.D life span?

A. The average life span is 50,000 HRS

Q. How Often do you release the water?

A. For the best results once a day to save ice retention.

Q. Are the hinge pins stainless steel?

A. Yes 316 stainless steel.

Q. How is the door housing fixed to the cooler?

A. A silicone seal will be applied for an air tight seal.

Q. Do you have warranty?

A. Yes, we will warranty parts for a 12 month period.

Q. How is it packed for freight?

A. Cardboard will protect the Console, Dispenser doors and Bottle rack cap then plastic wrapped.

Q. Does it come in any other colours?

A. At this stage we are only selling white.

Q. Why is the Cool cart not included in the price?

A. We don’t believe every one will need the Cool cart you could set it up and leave it in your RV or Caravan park or any other permanent location.

Q. What are the costs for international shipping.

A. Shipping costs change depending on the perk and your location. Select you country in the checkout process and the shipping costs will be shown instantly.

Q. stays the same as it is.
A. Estimated shipping cost's $160.00 USD + import duties or government taxes.