Creating the world’s first ice Cooler with a system to maximise the ice preservation was the goal, along with everything you need to make anything involving a Cooler an incredible experience..

MRCOOLIT is 105quarts\100 litres of incredible design and, strength with long range capability keeping your food ,drinks and Solar charged power sustained for the longest time possible, an all in one system so versatile and easy to use. This cooler is a game changer.

When having a few drinks with your family and friends and one likes beer and the other likes bourbon or a soft drink , No worries load the 375mm Can’s the way you want them. Place a bottle of water or wine in the bottle rack and there is plenty of room in the Cooler for those extra bottles and you’re only opening the lid once to replace the bottle into the bottle rack when needed instead of every glass.

We also have the kids covered, water bottle in the rack, mineral water, soft drinks on one side of the COOLIT Can dispensers and it’s all so easy for them to use. Not to mention keeping those little fingers from freezing.

The drinks come out of the cooler with tiny icicles and ice cold water having direct contact with the product ensuring the drinks are just like you have pulled them out of a normal cooler full of ice. “PERFECTLY ICE COLD YOU JUST CANT BEAT ICE”

Just think how many times you open the lid well it’s pretty simple every time you need to get a Can or bottle. And when you do need to open the LID the ice cold shelf give’s a protective ice cold shield for the ice below.

Let’s go through it.

The best coolers in the world have great ice retention rating’s anywhere up to 7 days and beyond, which is great if the lid stays closed and locked down, “WE HAVE EXPERANCED THIS FOR MANY YEARS” this system allows you to use the cooler and minimise the opening of the lid and saving the ice from melting for the longest time possible, a genuine 3-4+ days instead of one...